About Our Ministry

 The Original Latinos, consists of David, Mike Eddie and Anita Velasquez, all brothers and their sister.  The boys were all entertainers in the secular field, performing in clubs and different venues throughout Western states.

At the age of 17, David gave his life to Christ while Mike and Eddie continued playing nightclubs with their Rock and Roll band.  Anita, of course, being a girl, and staying close to home, served the Lord from a very young age.  David went on to Bible College,studied Theology three years.  While in Bible College, he traveled for the Bible College trio with Danny Menchaca and Danny Ramos.  That is where his love for traveling and ministering in song for the Lord begun.  

In 1962, David attended a General Council Convention in Mexico City where he met Paul Delatorre, and he and Danny Ramos, got together with Paul and decided to start a trio called The "Kings Three".  They traveled throughout the Spanish and English Churches for the next 4 years, from coast to coast.  They were the pioneers on using guitars on stage while singing as a trio in both the Spanish and English churches, and pioneers in traveling full time in a singing ministry in the Spanish Church world as well. Danny and Paul went on to form the group called The Galileans.

It was in 1966 that David formed The Latinos. Thru much prayer from their parents, Mike and Eddie accepted the Lord, and went into the ministry in song with David.  Since childhood prompted by a very talented father, they always sang together as a family.  Anita Joined them after their cousin Frankie Mestas left the group.  She traveled with them until Vicente Montano finished his military duty.

God took The Latinos thru 38 countries around the world and recorded 30 albums.  They had many appearances in  universities, schools
television, as well as, many events.  All across America, Europe and Latin America,